Her 86m2 by Thuy Dao
The mist in the black forest is swaying, as if the nose can be touched by the moist moisture, the fresh and tender breath of the soil, with the footsteps, rushing into the nasal cavity, although the background of the film is Germany, but the viewer can always be moved by the powerful sense of tranquility, even as if they are in it. Thuy Dao, a blogger born in Hanoi, came to Germany for study and got married. The Youtube channel she and her husband jointly run is mainly to record their life with nature. There is no talking, only matching with melodious music. It was not until the arrival of Covid-19, seeing the fall of many lives, that the couple realized that life was so short and precious. They began to pick up cameras and record their lives in Germany one by one. The channel name, Her 86m2, also comes from the couple’s home. This is the first house that they can truly call home after they got married in Germany. It was 86 square meters. Thuy's family loves living with nature. In addition to exploring the forest, she will also enjoy the changes in the climate brought about by the four seasons through various activities, such as collecting resin and flowers and plants in the forest, and burning them after drying. Let life be full of ritual.
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