Art and poetry in a film
Take some time off to wander. Revisit memories of the past that haunt you, for they may want to tell you a different story. Don't look for answers, but sit with the questions. Things in life, like matters of love and death, are not always as they seem. Be open, even if what you want is closure. When you’re tired of searching for certainty, try letting things be, letting yourself go, and letting time pass you by slowly. Even for just a day. If you want to travel and reminisce, while watching a movie, I highly recommend this film.
Superb acting
Many questions are raised during the film, and it relies heavily on symbolism as opposed to dialogue to make it's voice heard. The film travels in the moment, with life on one side and death on the other, between past and future, and the main character's inability to alter either. It's "hebel". Gyeongju itself represents the same concept, as a place where life exists with reminders of its fleeting existence. An extremely well put together film, and superb acting. However, if you are more in the mood for fast and furious, simple story line - then this is not it. Highly recommended.
Bi Q
Gentle, Wise, Poetic, and Beautiful
A gentle wise and poetic meditation on loneliness and love and friendship. I'm sorry several of the reviewers are unable to summon the stillness and thoughtfulness to appreciate what has been laid before them here. It is slow and calm insightful, free of the "Bang, Bang" aesthetic of contemporary Hollywood Industrial Blockbuster movie-making. If you know Checkov, or Rilke, or Rumi, or Kurosawa, or Basho's way of seeing, you will love it.
Chris M.
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