Chef Alfonso Ramirez
Being a part of an influential group of chef-restaurateurs in America, Alfonso Ramirez is credited with reviving Traditional Mexican’s culinary heritage, blending fresh California ingredients; his innovation in cooking has been enjoyed and praised by a great number of individuals throughout the United States as well as Mexico. Born in Mexico, Alfonso Ramirez was greatly influenced by his mother and her love for cooking. Alfonso Ramirez had his first experience in Mexican Cuisine in 1972 in Mexico City. Shortly after that, he became the Manager of a very popular chain of restaurant chains in Mexico - VIPs Restaurants. After six years working there, he started working in the company that brought him to Los Angeles in 1978. Here is where his career took an aggressive move into the avenue of Mexican Cuisine. Since then he has worked in a number of states while working with the Sheraton Hotel Corporation. From 1982 to –1984 he was in Los Angeles and New Orleans, in l985-1986 he worked with the Radisson Mark Plaza Hotel in Virginia, a 700 room Hotel with four restaurants and banquet areas that would seat up to 1,000 people. In 1987 he returned to Mexico City and worked as the consultant for the largest firm in Latino America (Cifra, Corp. In l988 he opened a Mexican Restaurant in Los Angeles (El Porton) and a second one in 1993, after finishing these investment projects, Chef Ramirez was approached by Ron Howard, owner of a prestigious boat in Hawaii, the Star of Honolulu. This boat served 1,500 people daily. In 1994 he received a telephone call from a dear friend, Jean Luis Palladin, a chef known throughout the United States. Jean Luis Palladin asked him to help him to open “Palladin Restaurant” a French Bistro which became one of the most well known restaurants in Washington D.C.
After tremendous success with Palladin in 1995, Alfonso returned to Los Angeles and worked as a consultant. In 2001, Alfonso was asked to develop a new concept of Cuisine, Nuevo Latino, in Santa Fe New Mexico by Alfred Matter former General Manager of the Watergate Hotel. Alfonso started working for the Bishop Lodge Hotel and Spa. There Alfonso received a prestigious award for having the most successful Brunch in Santa Fe. At this time, he was approached by Luis Valenzuela from Los Angeles. Luis asked him to create a new concept of Mexican Modern Cuisine at Plaza Mexico in California. Alfonso joined the adventure with Donald and Min Chae. During his time with Donald and Min Chae, Alfonso received a number of great write ups from the Los Angeles Times reporters Elmer Dills and Merryl Shinder. In 2007 he met Isidro Torres, the entrepreneur and owner of Casa de Ceramica. Isidro is also a well known personality in the Hispanic Community. Together, they have created an exciting new restaurant chain featuring Mexican Cuisine. Has enhanced his popularity within the glamorous crowd.
Hacienda San Isidro Grill features a revolving display of healthy Mexican Cuisine. Chef Ramirez has developed two New Mexican concepts - one is a unique fast & healthy Mexican Restaurant, Hacienda San Isidro Grill, which is located at 11808 Washington Boulevard in the city of Whittier. And the second restaurant, Hacienda San Isidro Gourmet Restaurant which is located at 11533 of Whittier Boulevard also in Whittier California. Hacienda San Isidro Grill was designed by Isidro, Veronica Lara and Chef Alfonso Ramirez and it features a casual elegant interior and trend-setting open kitchen. The original decor together with Chef Ramirez’ owns trademark traditional modern cuisine Ramirez’s experimentation with a menu, having healthy dishes that only in this restaurant you can be able to find. The menu is compose of fresh products and traditional cuisine, including new dishes, taking into consideration healthiness and freshness with daily fresh soup, salad, and fish tacos.You can find the most famous drinks and dishes such as Café de Olla and new combination with fresh soup of the day, salads, fish tacos, enchiladas filled with chicken and cheese with salsa ranchera, Caesar Salad with shrimp or Chicken, etc. etc. This new concept of fast healthy Mexican cuisines has been crating a tremendous impact in the Hispanic Community and Anglo-Community too.
Chef Alfonso Ramirez
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