This is a must-watch!
The story is heart warming, touching, romantic, sad, and will really made you felt butterflies in stomach. The actors of both films are great too. They were able to let their viewers feel the sincerity and longing of each of their characters. I bet it will take me months again before I could get over to this story. This is a must-watch! Don't miss your chance to watch a classic movie like this one.
Kristell Gayle Borrel
Romantic and poignant movie - Highly recommended
The scenery is beautiful and the story is fabuloulsy romantic. I watched Il Mare when it first came out in the theater. It's a rewarding experience to watch it for the second time.
It is beautifully photographed and the actors were charming
I am been wanting to see this film for some time as it is the movie that inspired the Lake House. It is beautifully photographed and the actors were charming. Much of the humor of living day to day life came through even with sub-titles. Many points that were made clear in the Lake House are only hinted at here... I certainly plan to watch the film again soon.
Mary Twain
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