Brilliant In-Depth Look at a Family
True love and intimacy is rooted in devotion, unconditional love and sensitivity to one another. The story will make you cry not only because of the sadness but because of three ordinary people who rise to the occasion to be individuals who show uncommon courage and strength and demonstrate what true love is really all about. There is a lot of depth here if that is what you are looking for.
Jed Davis
A must watch movie!!
I saw the movie on the plane and had to buy it immediately. It’s such a wonderful movie. Beautifully acted and moving storyline. The parting words of that boy at the end had me broke down in tears and I never cry.
It deserves 5 stars
It had a lot of happy moments but also very sad and emotional ones too. I think it just makes you think real hard on what you should be grateful for and it sends out a bunch of morals. I cried so much throughout this entire film happy tears and also sad tears but this was an amazing film and it deserves 5 stars. You guys should watch it too.
Joilline Johnson
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