Really Mesmerize
Was really mesmerize on how the writer came up with that plot. The movie was a rollercoaster ride of emotions. It really touched my heart and made me smile. Their satoori accent was perfect and it helped the movie to feel like it was really time from 1980’s. You will laugh as you start watching it and... watch it for yourself on how the story progresses. My sepanx will be hard on this one!
Hasley Reyes G.
The greatest Korean Movie I've ever watched
This movie just absolutely amazing, i felt so heartwarming , the sense of art all along the movie, superb acting skills by Park Jung Min and Yoona also the rest of cast and rich plot made this movie become the greatest Korean Movie I've ever watched so far. Perfect screen time for all of the cast, romance, friendship, family, comedy ,sadness. All being once in a movie, I'm so touched, i love it so much i also love the Satoori.. 100%worth to watch✨
Eni Pratiwi
Really, the movie is a miracle
I loved the color tone of the movie, and how well it portrayed the older feel reflecting the time it’s set in. It gave immense scent of nostalgia. I also absolutely loved how cutesy the film was. There were lots of cute and humorous moments in the first half, and I personally think the title of the film, “Miracle,” is a great title as it fits the spirit of the movie perfectly.
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