Chef Chumpol
Born in Nakhon Ratchasima province, Chef Chumpol came to Bangkok at the age of 6. He grew up in family own restaurant “Sanguan Sri สงวนศรี”.  


He decides to be a chef because he was inspired by one of the Monk teachings, just utilize whatever you have to make a living and do it well. Since he grew up and be around the restaurant since he grew up, he just uses this as his strength and takes it further until he is who he is today.   "I did not go to any culinary school. I’m self-taught. I learned mostly from my grandmother and my mum who were chefs. I grew up in the kitchen of a restaurant so I was exposed to cooking from the age of six. I moved to Europe briefly at the age of 18, took some classes, and learned by doing and experiencing. Today, I’m still training myself every day."


"I try to combine local Thai wisdom with my love for cooking. Most importantly, I have a deep respect for nature. If you understand nature, you will understand Thai cuisine. At R-Haan, I have been using Thai produce and local ingredients for 10 years. I try to blend together love, nature, and wisdom of Thai cuisine. My aim is to bring happiness to my customers when they eat my food."


As one of the best Michelin star restaurants in Bangkok’s Michelin Guide, R-Haan restaurant takes pride in creating an incomparable Thai, fine dining experience. In Thai, the word 'R-Haan’ means ‘something consumed for sustenance’, but the truth is that the restaurant offers far more than eating just for survival. The roots of R-Haan can be derived from an old Thai proverb, ‘‘Nai nam mee pla, nai na mee kao” (“There is fish in the water and rice in the fields.”) The proverb speaks to the fact that Thailand has an abundance of incredible ingredients and food sources. Thai food has risen to take the spotlight on the global stage, but at the Bangkok Michelin star restaurant R-Haan, Thai cuisine is created with the intention of passing down generation upon generation's worth of culture, knowledge, and experience. Chef Chumpol uses the same spices and ingredients found in the original recipes for every single dish. A recreation of authentic Thai food based on the essence and knowledge of Thai culture and Thai people.  
Chef Chumpol
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