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Cannelloni Ricotta Cicoria And Potatoes

Cannelloni Ricotta Cicoria And Potatoes
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This Cannelloni Ricotta Cicoria And Potatoes dish is perfect for a family dinner. Prepared with light and smooth flavors of the potatoes, ricotta, bechamel and parmesan, it is quick and easy to prepare. Baked in the oven the top of it is finely grilled and obtains the unique touch of the dandelion flavor. Worth trying!
PRE TIME: 30 min
TOTAL TIME: 55 min
  • 2 Cup Water
  • 4 Large Potatoes
  • 2.5 Oz. Butter
  • 2.5 Oz. Flour type 00
  • 16 to 17 fl. Oz. Milk
  • Sea salt to taste
  • Pepper to taste
  • Nutmeg to taste
  • 2 Cup Water
  • 2 Large Potatoes, medium size
  • 1 Tbsp Oil
  • 3 Cloves Garlic
  • 1 Large Dandelion (Italian Cicoria)
  • Optional: chili flakes to taste (on the Dandelion)
  • Sea salt to taste
  • 15 Oz. Sheep Ricotta
  • Salt
  • 1 Tsp Fresh pasta
  • Water
  • Black pepper to taste
  • 8 Oz. Grated parmesan
Cut the potatoes into ¼ inch dice approximately, and in a pot put 1 qt of water with the cut-up potatoes, and heat up to boil the potatoes until very tender (timing depends on the cutting size of the potatoes and actual water temp).
Cook the Dandelion in a pan with a drizzle of oil, garlic, and chili flakes and cook for about 5 minutes. When they are cooked, transfer them to a cutting board, chop them roughly and place them in a bowl in which you will add the ricotta and a couple of tablespoons of Parmesan cheese and mix everything well.
After making and resting the pasta dough, roll it out by hand or with a special machine. Cut squares and cook them for 30 seconds in abundant boiling salted water. Drain them and arrange them first on a cloth to dry and pat dry with a paper towel. Now arrange all the squares on a worktop that has been previously covered with plastic wrap (if you prefer you can skip the boiling step and cook in the oven a little bit longer covered first in the ovenproof dish, and cook a few more minutes uncovered after the pasta sheets are tender enough).
Transfer the filling into a pastry bag and arrange a strip of filling along one side of the pastry and roll the pastry on itself to form the cannelloni.
Prepare the béchamel and pay attention to the roux: melt the butter, add the flour and cook until the mixture comes off the bottom of the pan. Add the milk slowly while continuing to mix. Cook over low heat, stirring as much as possible until the sauce begins to thicken. Add the salt and nutmeg. Cover the bottom of a baking dish with the béchamel just obtained and place your cannelloni.
Cover them with a few more tablespoons of béchamel, finish with a little Parmesan cheese and bake in a static oven with grill mode (if available. If not just use static setting) for 15 minutes at 350 F°/176 °C. (If you have not boiled the fresh pasta then cook covered for 17 minutes at 350 F°/176 °C) and remove the cover and cook until golden brown in color).
Serve your Cannelloni hot.
Final Notes
Final Notes
For this recipe, it is advised to make your own fresh egg pasta sheets. You can watch my previous recipe on how to make homemade fresh egg pasta. In the alternative, buy dry pasta sheets and boil them in water just enough so they can be rolled. Approximately 1 and ½ minutes. Do not cook too much or else it will break when rolling.